The principle reason people choose to settle in Cyprus is the all year-round sunny weather which can be enjoyed by the island’s sandy shoreline. Each location is equally fabulous for its own reasons, such as architecture, bays, vivid culture and landscape. Whether you opt to purchase property by the mountains, buzzing city hubs or coastlines, Cyprus is surely one of the most impressive and beautiful countries in the world!

Cyprus is also well-known as being the idyllic country to raise a family due to its low criminality rate. Cyprus is one of the few remaining countries where you can leave your front door open, where children play freely in the garden and roads and walk to school on their own. Further, the island’s education level is extremely high. Both private and public schools are highly rated and advanced in Cyprus, where the future generation are fully trained and equipped with the necessary education and tools to succeed in the future.

Cyprus has also progressed tremendously in terms of industry, health, education, banking and technology. The locals have developed in all sectors yet have succeeded in maintaining their simplicity and traditional nature.