As the winter season unfolds in Famagusta, the culinary scene remains vibrant and inviting. Whether you’re a guest at Seafront Protaras or a local food enthusiast, there’s a plethora of dining options to explore in the area. Here’s your guide to the best restaurants open during the winter period.


  1. Yiasemi: Open from 11:00 to 23:00, Yiasemi serves delightful meals until December 17, resuming on February 20, 2024.
  2. Folio: A cozy spot available from Thursday to Sunday, 18:00-23:00, until the end of November and reopening in February.
  3. Vangelis: Relish a variety of dishes from 12:00-22:00, Tuesday to Saturday, and enjoy Sunday lunches from 12:00-17:00.
  4. Raviolis Italian Restaurant: Indulge in Italian cuisine every day from 17:30-23:30.

Pernera Area

  1. La Cultura del Gusto: Open Tuesday-Sunday from 18:00-23:00.
  2. Blue Spice: Offering meals every day from 10:00-21:30.
  3. Mojito Bar: Open Monday-Friday 12:00-21:00, weekends 09:30-21:30. Check their Facebook page or Google for the latest schedule.
  4. Tipsy Turtle: Available Monday to Friday 11:00-02:00, Saturday 10:00-21:00 (drinks till 02:00), and Sunday 12:30-18:00 (open for drinks till 02:00).

Kapparis Area

  1. Sashiko (Asian): Enjoy Asian cuisine from 13:00-23:00, Tuesday-Sunday.
  2. Just Italian: Open every day from 13:00 -22:30 (closed from 16:00-17:30).
  3. Mambo’s: Available from 9:00-24:00 (closed all of January and half of February, reopening on February 12, 2024).
  4. Pig & Whistle Bar: With live music on Saturdays, open from 9:00-24:00.
  5. Zeyn (Lebanese Restaurant): Savor Lebanese flavors from 17:00-23:00, Tuesday-Sunday.
  6. Matu: Open every day from 9:00-24:00.
  7. Kalifi: A day-time choice, available from 8:00-17:00 pm daily.


  1. Senso: Open 8:00-12:00 every day, extending till 21:30-22:00 on Sundays.
  2. Maccadam: Enjoy all day from 9:00-01:30 midnight daily.
  3. Ttapis: Available from 18:00-23:00, and on Sunday with live music from 13:00-17:00 (kitchen open 13:00-15:30).
  4. The Loop: Open from 8:00-17:00 every day.

Agia Napa

  1. Reb Ruby Asian: Open 12:30-22:30 daily.
  2. Vassos Fish Tavern: Available from 9:00-22:30 on business days and weekends from 9:00-23:00.
  3. Bella Italia: Serving from 12:00-23:00.
  4. Ocean Basket: Open daily from 12:00-22:00.
  5. Jello: A late-night spot, open from 9:00-01:00 midnight daily.
  6. Little Panda Chinese & Sushi: Open 13:00-23:00 all November (December schedule TBD).
  7. Isaak Fish Tavern: Available from 12:00 till 22:00 daily.
  8. Taipei Town: Serving from 13:00-23:30 daily.
  9. Hungry Horse: Open 12:00-22:00, closed from December 20 to January 20 and every Tuesday.
  10. Limanaki: Available from 7:00-00:30 daily.
  11. Central Cafe: Open 10:00-22:00 daily.
  12. Sesoula Kalamaki: Serving from 12:00-22:00 daily, closed from December 3-25.
  13. Alya All Day Cafe: Open 9:00-22:00 daily.
  14. Liquid Cafe: Available from 9:00-02:00
  15. midnight daily. 15. Fish House: Delight in seafood from 12:00-21:00 daily, Sundays till 20:00.
  16. The Courtyard Bar and PRIVATE DINING IGLOO at Napa Suites Hotel: Enjoy evenings from 19:00-22:00 daily.
  17. L’Atelier Robuchon: Experience fine dining Wednesday to Saturday from 18:30-22:30, with live music on Sundays from 11:00 till 3-4 pm.
  18. Le deli Robuchon: Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 9:00-17:00, and Friday and Saturday from 9:00-19:00.


  1. Mousikos: Open 18:00-22:00, closed on Sundays and for the Christmas holidays from December 17 to January 10, 2024.
  2. Old Simos Tavern: Serving from 18:00-23:00 every day, closed on Mondays.

With this comprehensive guide, your culinary journey in Famagusta during the winter months promises to be a delightful exploration of flavors and experiences. Whether you’re in the mood for local Cypriot delicacies, international cuisine, or just a cozy spot for a drink, these restaurants offer something for everyone. Bon appétit!