Welcome to Your Serene Escape: Yoga Retreats at Seafront Protaras, Cyprus

Embark on a journey of tranquility and rejuvenation at Seafront Protaras. Our luxurious villas, nestled on the pristine shores of Fig Tree Bay, offer the perfect sanctuary for your yoga retreat.

Why Choose Seafront Protaras for Your Yoga Retreat?

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Breathtaking Nature

Surrounded by the calming Mediterranean Sea, our villas provide a serene backdrop for yoga and meditation.

Spacious Outdoor Areas

Ample space for group yoga sessions, with stunning sea views and gentle breezes.

Luxurious Comfort

Each villa is a haven of peace, with elegant interiors and amenities like jacuzzis, ideal for relaxation after yoga.

Connect and Reflect

With fast internet access, stay connected to your online yoga community or disconnect and enjoy the tranquil environment.

Ideal Location

Proximity to the serene beaches of Protaras enhances your yoga experience with nature's touch.

Customize Your Yoga Retreat Experience

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Flexible Accommodations

Whether you're a small group or a large gathering, our range of villas caters to your needs.

Tailored Services

From airport transfers to in-villa private yoga sessions, we ensure a hassle-free and enriching retreat experience.

Luxury Villa Rental Cyprus Protaras


What they say

Every villa has: jacuzzi, sauna, trampoline

jacuzzi, sauna, trampoline, Bluetooth speakers with microphone (karaoke), Beach cool box with wheels, midweek cleans

Unlimited Supplies: bottled drinking water, electricity

Unlimited - bottled drinking water, BBQ charcoal, supply of ice cubes, electricity, water.

Free WiFi: Enjoy your time

Stay in touch 24 hours with fast internet

Perfect Location: is just a few steps

Resort near beaches & Protaras' main street - shops, dining, bars. Beach has volleyball & Fig Tree Bay adored by wave-lovers for dreamy water & sand.

Ideal for large groups accommodation: Wedding, parties or business

Our large villas will provide you with the privacy and space to enjoy your celebration.

Discover Yoga in a New Light at Seafront Protaras

Join us for an unforgettable yoga retreat at the heart of Cyprus. Embrace the harmony of luxury and nature at Seafront Protaras, where your wellness journey awaits.